Thursday, April 27, 2017

Inaugural Lobster Roll of 2017: Union Restaurant

As many of you know, I'm a bit of a lobster roll fiend. Once the warm weather starts making a regular appearance and you know summer is in sight, I can't help but crave those tasty little crustaceans.

I didn't mean to start my 2017 Lobster Roll Campaign on this particular day at this particular restaurant... it sort of happened by accident. I couldn't help myself. I've only dined at the Press Hotel's Union Restaurant once before and can you guess what I had? I'm so predictable.

Lemon Mayonnaise | Shaved Lettuce | Snipped Chives
New England Top Split Roll

My taste buds demanded I order this item. No, seriously... I almost drooled right on my menu!

The presentation made me happy. Two little lobster rolls on perfectly toasted miniature hot dog buns (or top split roll if you want to sound high class.) The lemon mayonnaise was tasty and not glopped on too heavily... the kiss of death for a lobster roll, in my humble opinion. And if you care about that whole ambiance thing, Union is pretty classy. Almost too classy for me.

I was a bit disappointed by the meat portion which was a little on the skimpy side. And the lettuce. WHY THE LETTUCE? To give it a pop of color, perhaps? To class it up a notch? Or to fill up the bun so you don't have to use as much lobster?? I must've been a little out of lobster roll practice because I usually decline the greenery. Live and learn.

The price was listed as MP (Market Price) which I think is a total chicken shit move. Just put a price on the damn sandwich. I don't enjoy having to ask the server how much MP is... it makes me feel cheap. So annoying.

Overall, my experience with Union's Upper Exchange Lobster Roll was pleasant and palatable, but definitely not mind-blowing.